The Other Side of the Atlantic City Casinos Story

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Sunshine State News | Article by Michael Joe Murphy | January 10, 2014

Thank you, Nancy Smith, for bringing up Atlantic City, and for allowing us to tell the other side of the story (ref: Jan. 6 Smith column, “About All That Crime Gambling Brought to Atlantic City …”).

First, the source you quoted described the No Casinos organization’s opposition to casinos as being morally based. Actually, the morality of gambling is not our point. It never has been.
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We stand firmly against an expansion of gambling and the introduction of full-scale Las Vegas-style casinos because the social and economic costs for Florida would far outweigh any perceived benefit. As for benefits, let’s not forget that comprehensive statewide study by Spectrum Gaming Group that admitted casinos would have only a minimal economic impact on Florida. It also projected that less than 5 percent of the patrons to casinos would be tourists. So where would the rest of the money spent in a casino come from? You guessed it – our existing economy.

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